Abrasive Materials Handling

CavMac Hose Assemblies are used for the safe transport of a wide range of abrasive materials throughout industry. These include conveyance of wet abrasive slurries, air transport of dry aggregates (including applications found in the food industry) and for transport of dredge material. Cavmac combines this requirement with a focus on safety of the operator by ensuring that all CavMac products are designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with accepted industry standards.



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Abrasive Slurry Hose Assemblies
Abrasive Slurry Hose AssembliesCavmac offers a full range of engineered hose assemblies for the transport of abrasive slurries in the mining and mineral processing industries.

The complete hose assembly, including the end fittings is lined with a heavy gauge natural rubber, the properties of which are selected for minimized wear based on the material being conveyed.

The CavMac40 range of natural rubber lining compounds has been developed and improved over many years with experience producing slurry hoses within the mining and mineral processing industries. It offers superior wear resistance with resultant cost benefits.

Hose assemblies up to 20” internal diameter are available in lengths up to 12m
Hose assemblies from 20” to 36” are available in lengths up to 6m.

Dry Aggregates Hose Assemblies
Dry Aggregates Hose AssembliesDry aggregate hose assemblies are constructed using the CavMac60 range of lining compounds which offers superior resistance to wear against high velocity particle impact.

A wide range of hoses are available for the many different applications from heavy duty operations to light duty flexible options for applications such as road sweeper vacuum. Hose assemblies can also be supplied with FDA approved food grade linings for abrasive food applications.

Hose assemblies are normally supplied with integral rubber and fabric flanges but hoses can also be supplied with plain or enlarged cuffed ends for ease of clamping across existing pipework.

Cement Suction Hose Assemblies
Cement Suction Hose AssembliesCavMac offers a range of hose assemblies which are specifically designed for use with dockside offloading machines to handle dry cement and other dry abrasive materials.

The hose assemblies are designed for use at constant vacuum with extreme bending due to the movement of the unloading arm.

The flexibility of the hoses is achieved by using separate steel rings to support the wall of the hose whilst allowing it to bend through extreme angles. Superior resistance to vacuum collapse is obtained by applying the bulk of the reinforcing layers outside the support rings – as opposed to inside the steel support which is the case with standard hose constructions.

Floating Dredge Hose Assemblies
Floating Dredge Hose AssembliesCavMac supply a range of custom hose assemblies and floats for floating dredge hose discharge pipelines.

Supplied with fully rubber lined and built in end nipples, dredging hose assemblies are designed to withstand high tensile forces created by both operating pressure and the drag generated in long, curved floating pipelines.

Float location collars are vulcanized onto the hose at specific points during manufacturing to ensure buoyancy and flexibility of the floating pipeline in sea currents.

Floating Dredge Hose assemblies are available in bore sizes up to 20” and lengths up to 12m.

Gimbal Joint Dredge Hose Assemblies
Gimbal Joint Dredge Hose AssembliesCavMac offer a range of Gimbal Joint Dredge Hose Assemblies, separate ring hoses for use in dredger gimbal joints and ladders of cutter suction dredgers.

These dredge hose assemblies are constructed using separate steel reinforcing rings in the wall of the hose and can easily withstand operation at full vacuum coupled with high angular deflection.

A substantial carcass of highly resilient rubber, reinforced with high strength plies of polyester cord give maximum resistance to mechanical fatigue.

Gimbal Joint Dredge Hose Assemblies are available in bore sizes up to 24” and in lengths up to 6m.

Compensator Hose Assemblies
Compensator Hose AssembliesCavmac offer a range of compensator hoses for use in material conveyance systems to compensate for misalignment and to reduce vibration and noise.

The compensators can be supplied with fixed or with swivel flanges and can be supplied with bore sizes up to 24”. The wall of the compensator can be constructed to suit a variety of operating conditions from 20bar internal positive pressure to full vacuum.