Ancillary Products

CavMac Hose Assemblies are used for the safe transport of materials in many applications throughout industry. These include transport of petroleum products, wet and dry aggregates, water, chemicals and foodstuffs. CavMac combines this requirement with a focus on safety of the operator by ensuing that all CavMac products are designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with accepted industry standards.

CavMac offers a range of ancillary products such as cradling systems, Floats, concentric reducers, fasteners and clamps to compliment the range of hose assemblies.



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Cradling Systems

Cradling SystemsCavMac offers hose bespoke hose cradling and carrier systems which are designed and manufactured to meet individual customer requirements.

Our sales engineers are available to discuss your application and to make recommendations for the safe handling and installation of hose systems based on factors such as allowable bend radii, tensile loading, dynamic loading and handling requirements.

In partnership with our customers we can design and manufacture carriers, rollers, clamps and supports to facilitate the implementation of such recommendations.


FloatsFor applications where the hose pipeline is required to float, CavMac offers a full range of foam filled polyurethane floatation collars.

The floats are constructed from heavy gauge polyurethane for industrial applications where resistance to impact is a requirement.

The hose assemblies are either manufactured or fitted with location collars onto which the floats are mounted. The collars create a secure mounting location which prevents the float from moving on the hose. No chains or spacing devices are needed.

Concentric Reducers

Concentric ReducersCavMac offers a full range of concentric reducers in all standard flange configurations in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Custom configurations are also available for customer specific applications.

Fasteners and Gaskets

Fasteners and GasketsA wide range of gaskets and bolt sets are available from CavMac.

We offer non asbestos gaskets for standard applications, spiral wound gaskets for higher pressure applications and a wide range of materials options for special application.

Bolts, nuts and washers in high tensile carbon steel and stainless steel are also available.

Special Clamps

Special ClampsCavMac offer a range of special clamps and supports which are designed and manufactured to meet specific project requirements.

Clamps can be plain or rubber lined with a painted or galvanized finish.

They can be used as pipe supports, lifting collars, anchor points or many other applications.

Hose Storage Solutions

Hose Storage SolutionsCavMac offer a range of Hose Storage Solutions which are designed and manufactured to meet specific project requirements.