The Electric Vehicles Battery Mine: Mining Rare-Earth Elements

Electric Vehicles (EV) are accelerating our society into the future. The inherent benefits of driving an EV for the consumer are many in number, from lower running costs and tax incentives to environmental benefits and grant opportunities. From that perspective alone it’s no wonder that Bloomberg forecast that by 2040 over 54% of new car sales will be Electric Vehicles. With such a roaring demand, there are plenty of upsides for miners in the … [Read more...]

Engineers Week 2018: CavMac Engineers Visit St. Aidan’s Comprehensive School Cootehill

While the adverse weather condition in Ireland during Engineers Week 2018 may have deterred our plans to visit our local secondary school, St. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, we were fortunate enough to be invited down for a new date. Yesterday, three of our employees spoke with a group of 5th Year students about CavMac’s operations, the importance of engineering and how to enter a career in the sector.   The seminar began with a brief … [Read more...]

Engineers Week 2018: Engineer Profile Cristiano Baeta Neves de Souza

For Engineers Week 2018, CavMac has been interviewing our hardworking engineers to get their experiences of engineering and how they would encourage students to think of Engineering when considering their options for the future. For young people, gaining experiences like these from professionals are key to deciding what college course to apply for in their final year of secondary school.   We sat down with our Process Development … [Read more...]

Engineers Week 2018: Engineer Profile Edwin Middleton

For senior cycle students considering their options for the future, gaining insights from a professional is a huge benefit in deciding what career path to follow. We took the time to interview some engineers from around the CavMac offices to discover what makes an engineer tick, and if a STEM-based career is one for you.   Edwin Middleton, the Quality Assurance Manager for our hose, was thrilled to take part in an interview and give … [Read more...]

News Developments for the Irish Oil and Gas Sector

Oil and Gas exploration and extraction have never been a significant industry in Ireland, with companies investing heavily in exploration yet never striking wells with major oil deposits. Providence Resources PLC, one of Ireland's leading offshore companies, although having hit water instead of oil in September of this year, has now announced that it expects to begin phase one of drilling close to the Barryroe field in the third quarter of … [Read more...]

Enterprise Town Award Judges Visit Cootehill

Thursday last, the 7th of September, CavMac Industrial Hose Manufacturers was overjoyed to join several local businesses, representing Cootehill’s bid in the Bank of Ireland Enterprise Town Award. The Bank of Ireland judging panel: Tom Hayes, Eddie Breen and Tim O'Neill commenced their visit by touring the town, local businesses and experiencing it’s warm hospitality. Following the tour, a demonstration of all supporting businesses and … [Read more...]

Norwegian CavMac Distributor Tess providing Fish Hose for Aquaculture

CavMac hoses are used for the safe bulk transport of a wide range of products and the general assumption would be that these are usually industrial products such as oil & gas, chemicals and aggregates. However, we also supply hose for transport of food, including Fish! Norway is the world’s largest salmon producer, according to the Financial Times, and we are delighted to partner with global company Tess in this region. This photo shows our … [Read more...]

Abcon’s Lean Journey Continues…

A popular misconception is that Lean principles of maximising customer value whilst minimizing waste are suited only for manufacturing. We have found that actually it applies in every process in our business.   The word Lean can cause concern as people automatically assume that a Lean programme will lead to job losses. In fact, it is not a tactic or a cost reduction program, but a way of thinking and acting for an entire organization. We … [Read more...]

Brexit Update – Contribution from Abcon in Business Plus Magazine May Issue

Our MD Barry Smith contributed to this month’s Business Plus Magazine Brexit Update, which is currently the hottest topic in business. The impact of Brexit will be substantial on several fronts for companies like ourselves in service based manufacturing. Barry commented that “There are a whole range of factors constraining general competitiveness in this country, which can only be tackled at the macro level. There is a lack of joined up thinking … [Read more...]

FinishLine announced as new Co-Sponsor of Cavan Stages Rally 2017

Cavan Stages Rally 2017 was launched this week in the Hotel Kilmore and we are delighted that Abcon’s brand FinishLine was announced as a new sponsor of this great annual event in Co Cavan. As media sponsor and co-sponsor with The Hotel Kilmore, Wilton Waste and Brady’s Garage, we are so pleased to be in a position to support this wonderful local club, which was established over fifty years ago, in 1964. We spoke to Mr Willie McCormick who was … [Read more...]