Engineers Week 2018: Engineer Profile Edwin Middleton

For senior cycle students considering their options for the future, gaining insights from a professional is a huge benefit in deciding what career path to follow. We took the time to interview some engineers from around the CavMac offices to discover what makes an engineer tick, and if a STEM-based career is one for you.


Edwin Middleton, the Quality Assurance Manager for our hose, was thrilled to take part in an interview and give his opinion on what it’s like to work in the engineering industry.


What Attracted You To Engineering?
“From an early age, I had a keen interest in discovering how mechanical systems worked and Mathematics was a favourite subject of mine at school. It felt like the right choice to become an engineer thanks to these interests and I’ve never looked back since.”


What Challenges Do The Engineering Sector Face Today?
“Meeting all the renewable energy targets set by governments around the world is a major challenge for all engineers. New building regulations, emission targets and much more are part of demanding frameworks we encounter daily. Although of course, a challenge is an engineer’s best friend, and it is as exciting to be faced with them and find new ways to be innovative as it is to become an engineer in the first place.”


Are You Happy With Your Choice Of Career?
“Being an Engineer is fantastic, so, yes, I’m happy with my chosen career. The subject is incredibly broad and challenging which provides multiple career paths into various industries and a stimulating work day. I’d advise anyone who likes to solve problems or has an interest in the STEM subjects to become an engineer and fully realise how interesting the field is.”


To celebrate Engineers Week 2018, CavMac has lined up events with members of our staff and Cootehill’s local secondary school, St. Aiden’s Comprehensive School to encourage students to take part in STEM subjects, generate interest for the subject, and inspire future engineers.

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