Fish hose – Fish Farm Suction and Delivery

CavMac Fish Hose for Fish Farm Suction and Delivery Hoses are for the safe and comfortable transport of a variety of fish species. These fish species include Atlantic Salmon, Carp, Tilapia and many more. CavMac focuses on the safety of the operator by ensuring that all CavMac products are designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with accepted industry standards.

CavMac’s full range of Fish Hose can be designed in up to 11.5-metre lengths with a variety of lifting and internal diameter options. Each product is true to our promise of compliance with industry standards and long life – with resultant cost benefits.

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Fish Hose
CavMac manufactures a comprehensive and long-lasting range of Fish Hose for use in Fish Farming environments.

Available in lengths of 1 to 11.5 meters, the smooth inner lining used in CavMac Fish Hose leaves the transfer of fish as comfortable as possible and is of food-grade quality.

Galvanised steel beaded end flanges are guaranteed to grant a long service life even under severe weathering. A choice between mounted rubber straps and embedded lifting eyes offer versatility in lifting options for our Fish Hose. Individualised designs for Fish Transfer Hose provides fulfilment of unique requirements.