Special Service Condition

For special service condition please note:

1. In environments where pitting is a factor, it can be reduced by using material with high molybdenum content and by preventing sharp edges in housing design.
2. Where there is a threat of inter-crystalline corrosion, we recommend using low carbon stainless steel.
3. We prevent crack corrosion by designing a coupling case that has no areas where this type of corrosion can arise.
4. When working in areas of extreme chemical pollution, we can advise our customers on the best https://pharmacy-no-rx.net selection of material.
5. In certain heavy corrosion circumstances a special surface treatment can be used that will give the outside surface, a new well defined protection layer caused by a passivation treatment, after cleaning.
6. In an environment with low or no flow of seawater/brackish water we recommend an organic surface layer on the outside of the steel housing.
7. To prevent stress corrosion we are using hot rolled SS strip. Where the strips are profiled, we recommend using SS containing molybdenum.