Norwegian CavMac Distributor Tess providing Fish Hose for Aquaculture

Tess-Fishfarm-Hose-2CavMac hoses are used for the safe bulk transport of a wide range of products and the general assumption would be that these are usually industrial products such as oil & gas, chemicals and aggregates. However, we also supply hose for transport of food, including Fish! Norway is the world’s largest salmon producer, according to the Financial Times, and we are delighted to partner with global company Tess in this region. This photo shows our distributor Tess supplying CavMac Hose to a ship belonging to the world’s largest Wellboat company.
The official Norwegian Fisheries site reports that since 1970, the aquaculture industry has grown in importance significantly. Farming of salmon and rainbow trout takes place in close to 160 municipalities along the Norwegian coast. In fact, including spin-off businesses, it is estimated that in excess of 21,000 people are employed in aquaculture related activities in Norway. In 2012, 1.3 million tons of fish were produced in Norway, 99% of which were salmon and trout.
Supporting our distributors and customers is extremely important to us, as we know that our growth and success is due to building solid relationships, and so were delighted to attend the Industrial Fashion Fair hosted by Tess in Norway earlier this year. The annual event was expanded in 2017 in partnership with the Water Valley business cluster, which is focussed on improved use of water power in Norway. In addition to focussing on enterprise’s green footprint, the industrial fair was a bridge builder from the oil & gas to other industries anchored in green and renewable energy. It was a very successful and enjoyable couple of days and we look forward to next year’s event.
Takk for en hyggelig begivenhet!